How do I find the item I want to buy?

Find on home page the category of the item you want to buy (in the category list on the top of the page below the site title), move your mouse to the category name, you will see a list of sub-categories. Choose the one your item belongs to, and you will to transfer to the product page. You can choose the item you want to buy here.

How do I place an order?

After click the item you are looking for, select size and fill in quantity, and then click Add to Cart.
Review the items in your shopping cart. When you are ready, you can click Proceed to Checkout.
Please fill in the correct the destination for the product, the method of payment and the billing address. At same time, enter coupons or discount codes.
Review your order information, then select "Payment Method" to complete checkout.

How do you send my purchased items?

When we received your payment, we will deal with your order with 2-5 days to insure the products quality. If anything goes well, we will ship it out within 2 days.

How long will be the parcel arrived to your country?

After we ship it, Ordinary the parcel will be delivery in 7-12 business days during all the post process. Well, due to unforeseen circumstances, the time will be last a little longer. Please do not worry about it. And hope you can understand too.

How to track my order?

You can track the status of your order via email and order number on our website.
After ship out, we will email the tracking number to you (the email address you used when you made the order), so you can check your order logistics status any time.
Please remember to check your email frequently after completing your order as we will email you if we have any questions.

How do I find the items size fitting me?

You can find Size Chart below the Size Selecting field. And our size is standard; you can choose the size you often wear.

How do I can change my order or cancel my order?

When we received your payment, we will send your order to the factory within few hours. So if you real want to change it or cancel it, we hope you can tell us within few hours. Because after we send the order to the factory to prepare, it is difficult to stop the parcel for you. So we hope you can understand.

How do I can return the items to your company?

First of all we are sorry that we could not make you 100% satisfied. If the product's quality is no problem, we can't to accept the return it. If there's a few little problems of goods (for example, the stain or the line did not cut off clearly), we hope you can try to wash it or clean it by alcohol, sometime it can work. For this reason, we are willing to provide customers with partial refunds or credits depending on the situation.
If you purchase the wrong size that's too large or too small, or you find you don't like it, etc., we cannot refund.
If you still insist on returning the product, please contact our customer service first and we will try our best to solve it for you.

How many payment methods do you accept?

We can received the payment through Credit Card, Transfer, PayPal, Cash APP.

How long can I get the customized items?

Because the product is customized, we must ask the manufacture to product it. So usually it needs about 5-15 days to get the item from the factory. We hope you can wait for it patiently. And once the parcel is shipped, we will give you the tracking number.

Why do you charge my card more than your product price?

We only receive your order price. As we are from different country use the different currencies, So the extra money may be charged by the bank as the bank fee. It is a fee for overseas transaction, for the currency exchange rate fee. If you still have problem, please contact us.

What site can you check for the tracking number?

Method 1: We will send you the tracking order number and service provider via email and WhatsApp (if available), and attach the https://www.17track.net/ logistics query tool for query.
Method 2: We will provide logistics service providers, such as USPS, you can check through https://www.usps.com/

I want to buy/customize a jersey of a style not available on the website?

We do have some products that have not yet been put on the website. If you have more product requirements, please contact us and we will inquire for you and try our best to meet your needs.

Any questions, please contact us!